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Media Ready in 30 Days or Less

Own the complete course... Master Media Interviews
-Look, Sound & Feel Your Best in Interviews
-Learn authentic messaging, learn to get the right answers in
-Master Sound Bites, Convert Interviews in Sales and Web Traffic

-Option for personalized coaching from the product creator
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ONE TIME OFFER: Wish you could get personal advice, coaching and critiques after every module's practice exercises? When you select this option, you will be upgraded to the Gold program. At the end of each module you will find exercises you can record with your phone. This will allow you to upload those videos through the app, and get personalized feedback from Jess Todtfeld, creator of Media Ready in 30 Days or Less. This expert guidance will help you to take bigger leaps toward media success. Full price upgrate: $997 - Upgrade now to the Gold Program for half price: $497

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Video guidance from an experienced coach
  • Module 1: Getting Started and Style Pieces...
    Look, Sound & Feel Your Best in Interviews
  • Module 2: Messaging: What you'll say...
    Create killer answers and learn how to authentically weave them into interviews
  • Module 3: Sound Bites and Creating the Perfect Quote - Get the right answers into stories.
  • Module 4: Handling Any Question (The Answer System)
  • Module 5: Leverage and Converting Interviews - This is where you get your return on investment.  Learn to create action.
  • Action items and exercises to help you try the techniques on for size
  • Option to get critiques from the course creator, Jess Todtfeld
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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