Master Media Interviews
Look, Sound, & Feel Your Best
Convert Interviews Into Sales
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Look, Sound & Feel Better
And Convert Interviews into 
Sales or Web Traffic
Taught By Jess Todtfeld
Former Producer at ABC, NBC, and FOX
Bestselling Author of Media Secrets: A Media Training Crash Course
Guinness Record holder for most interviews given:
112 different radio stations in 24 hours
Past Clients Talk About What They REALLY GOT 
From a Jess Todtfeld Media Program
Listen to some of our clients share their experiences in their own words ...
Past clients often share these biggest takeaways:
  • Confidence: Just eliminating the unknown was worth the price of the course
  • Systems: Easy to follow systems for messaging, dealing with Q&A, and sound
    bites make navigating the media "accessible" and actually "enjoyable."
  • Knowing You Look Your Best: Exercises that show you that you are capable of
    being your best in any kind of interview (TV, Print, Radio, or Internet Media.)
"Jess is a master at humanizing the media training process..."
Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, M.B.A., J.D.
Leadership Consultant, Best-Selling Author, Lawyer and Radio Host
"You turned this hopelessly camera-shy print journalist into a media personality."
Christopher Elliot
Columnist, USA Today &
The Washington Post
"After a few classes and calls with Jess I felt confident enough to tackle the TV World! He gave me direction and the confidence I needed."
Marlo Hampton
Style Expert, TV Personality, Host, and
Former Real Housewife of Atlanta
What is in This Course?
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A Note From the Course Creator
Do You Want To Master Media Interviews?
I created this course to help make my media training programs accessible to more people.  Over the past two decades, I've trained thousands of people... either one-on-one or as a part of a group.  Now I've been able to take my best systems and exercises and put them into this course.
  •  Look, Sound & Feel Your Best During Interviews
  •  Master Media Messaging, Control the Words You Say
  •  Be Ready to Handly Any Question That Comes Your Way
  •  Learn How to Include Sound Bites and Learn Why They Can Be Powerful
  •  Convert Interviews Into Web Traffic, Opt-Ins or Sales

  • ... then this program is for you.
Check out the walk-through / "full tour" video above to see what is in the program.  I'm pretty proud of the content and confidence you'll be getting when you learn the systems an techniques.

-Jess Todtfeld
Course Creator, Media Ready in 30 Days or Less
Fmr TV producer, Media Trainer & Guinness Record Holder for Media Interviews
"Jess has helped us train more than 500 of our clients. He is absolutely without a doubt the best "
Nick Nanton
CEO, The Celebrity Branding Agency
"Your training strategies helped me open doors to companies that I would have never been able to get in front of. These strategies
simply work! 
Lisa S. Roberts
Owner/Director at Back to Basics Concierge and Home Care Services LLC
"When it comes to media training I highly recommend Jess. I've seen him take an ordinary individual and turn them into a TV star."
Scott Lorenz
Book Publicist and Marketing Expert Westwind Communications
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